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The first of the summer fruits are coming to MGM...

Hope you have all had (or are having) a lovely break. Such brilliant weather.

As growers, we know that nature never stops but it is rewarding to see the first of the summer fruits coming on-stream.

The first plums sold out last week. But there will be more! I grabbed some and we had roasted MGM plums with MGM avocado & chocolate (Bennetts) mousse last Friday evening. Lovely way to end a BBQ. The first pears are available this week. They are picked hard and you ripen as needed. The pears come from a customer turned grower! Brilliant to see our local collective growing this way.

I also tried some MGM horseradish root; a spicy little number. Bit of a mission to prepare but easy once you have done it once. Instructions are on the website. Made a little sauce mixed with some plain yoghurt and delicious with home-made beef burgers.


Anyway, order by 5pm Wednesday for collection this week. All the usual suspects except whole lettuces for a few weeks. Avocados, avocado oil, olive oil, sales green, microgreens, cucumbers, herbs, veg, gourmet mushrooms, tomatoes...all grown locally and no middlemen.

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