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Frequently Asked Questions

One Place With All the Answers. If you don't find the answer you are looking for then don't hesitate to contact us.

What differentiates you from other markets?

  • We only sell items that are grown or produced in the Mangawhai area. 

  • We don't ship in food and produce from outside the area; this is a core principle.

  • We pick to order to reduce wastage from produce that does not sell.

  • We require our growers to tell you how they grow the food you eat.

  • We do not require contracts with our growers; our collective is a trusted community.

  • We exist to ensure our community can shop and eat locally.

  • 100% of revenue goes back to the grower.

When is your order cut-off each week?

We cut off at 5pm each Wednesday. 

Any order received after that time will be held over for the next week.


  • If I  order on Thursday, my order will be ready the next week.

  • If I order on Monday my order will be ready the same week

Do you offer delivery services?

Well yes we do! We deliver to Mangawhai on a Friday (within a 10K radius of the village) and the options for delivery or collection are presented on the checkout page.

We charge a delivery fee for each order; this is paid to the delivery person by the collective. Our position on delivery fees is that:

  • no delivery service is ever free; you either pay a premium for the item or you pay a delivery fee,

  • paying a single delivery fee on the whole order means the more you buy, the cheaper the delivery.

  • it is only fair that the person who drives around delivering is compensated for their time.

  • we will always provide a collection option that is free.

Don't forget you can collect if you are nearby and save the delivery fee. Collection point is Tara Road in Mangawhai on a Friday. Exact address is on your order confirmation.

I want to buy something, how can I pay?

  • Pay manually via a bank transfer in advance of your delivery. The order confirmation emailed to you once you place your order contains the bank account number. This is our preferred option to keep prices down.

  • Pay on account following an invoice from the collective. This payment method needs to be arranged in advance with the collective so contact us if you buy in bulk and this is the best option for you. Terms are 7 days if you are buying on account.

Why do you have different growers with the same products?

This is because we can have timing issues for supply. We want to be able to supply regularly. Take avocados for example. It may be that a grower has had to spray the fruit for export and cannot pick for two weeks. Having multiple suppliers means we are more likely to offer a regular supply. Another example is limes. A grower may only have one tree and be cleaned out quickly. Other growers with more trees can carry on. So it all works!

I am a grower - can I offer specials?

Course you can! Just let admin know what you want to sell and the price and it will be ready to go in a few minutes. It is a great way to clear excess fruit or veg that will not last until the next week.

I am a grower - when do I get paid?

The collective pays you when we get paid. Because we do not fulfil unpaid orders, you will get paid after delivery on a Thursday. Usually happens Friday morning.

You will need to provide a bank account number when you join the collective.

In the interest of keeping costs down, we do not yet offer credit card payments.

Can I join if I only have 5 oranges to sell?

Course you can. We think everything home grown is special. So if you have a plum tree that cranks once a year or you have 5 excess stalks of celery then do it. Join us. The only requirement is that:

  • you are able to deliver to the collective (Tara Road) by 10am on a Thursday morning.

  • you grow your produce with love and care. 

To join, send us a picture of what you want to sell, tell us the pack size (e.g. 1 orange, 1 KG of oranges) and the price and admin will load it up on the website and you are off.

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