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We are your local fruit and vegetable market

This is a local growers market. If you grow something that tastes delicious and you want to share, then this is the place for you. If you want to buy fresh and local, then this is also the place for you.

As a grower, you may grow one thing, you may grow a range of things. Join our collective, tell your story and share your produce. It may be an amazing plum tree in your back yard that cranks out delicious plums once a year. You may be a grower who already delivers to our community but you think your customers might like to visit a one stop market to pick up your produce. Decide what you have ready to sell this week, let the collective know by end of each weekend, set your price and the collective will let you know what you have to pick and pack on a Wednesday based on orders received. 

As a customer, you want to buy local, fresh and in season. You can collect or have it delivered (for free if you are local). Place your order by 5pm Wednesday for fresh produce picked on a Thursday ready for  Friday delivery in Mangawhai.​

Vegetable Store
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