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Join as a GROWER!

The collective will sink or swim on the level of support from our local community. So let's kick this out of the ballpark and show the power of collective working.

We welcome anyone who grows in Mangawhai, Kaiwaka, Te Arai, Waipu or within easy reach. And we love having lots of the same item to sell. If we have multiple orange growers then no problem. Choice and variety all year round is our happy place.

Just send us an email or pick up the phone for more information.

The collective is administered by CAT Orchard but all growers will work collectively.

We want our community to hear your story; what you grow, how you grow it, and where your passion lies.

No fees, at least in the beginning. We may charge a small admin fee if the admin burden gets out of hand for a single person rather than being shared across the collective. This should only kick in once each grower reaches a certain volume of sales so "casual" members" are not disadvantaged.

Each grower determines the price point for their produce and how many items they have available to sell each week.

Each grower is paid weekly:

  • Delivery fees will be paid to whomsoever completes the delivery.

  • Payments will be distributed amongst growers as soon as deliveries are completed.

We grow all week but there are some special days when things just need to happen...

If feedback says we need two deliveries per week then we may just do it.

Orders in by 5pm


You can order anytime (of course) but we cut off for picking each week on a Wednesday at 5pm. Any order received after 5pm will be picked the following week, unless we can squeeze you in of course.

Time to pick and pack


Growers with fresh produce pick to order.

This excludes some items that are produced in bulk as a one-off such as our oils.

Deliveries in Mangawhai


Goodies are delivered to the collective by 10am. The collective consolidates any orders for multiple products for the same customer.

Two delivery options:

  • Either one or more of us will make the deliveries. This option incurs a delivery fee.

  • Or Customers can collect between 11am and 4pm. This is free.

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