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How to Shop

We hope ordering is easy-as.

Here's how it works:

  • Order by 5pm Wednesday for delivery the same week. 

  • Growers pick on a Thursday.

  • Delivery day is Friday in Mangawhai.

  • Small delivery charge or collect for free.

  • No minimum order size.

Click Shop Collections if this is your first time and you want to see what is available in each collection.

Click Shop Products if you know your way around and use the filters on the left hand panel to check a particular category of what is in season.

  1. Shop. Find something you want. Add it to your shopping cart.

  2. Check what is in your cart. Click on your cart to view the contents. 
    Click the shipping region if you need to change it. We currently only deliver to Northland (Auckland deliveries are on hold for now).

  3. Click the checkout button. 

  4. Shipping details. Either log in or enter your email, name and address. You don't need an account to shop with us but it makes the ordering easier as you do not need to supply details each time. The shipping details control delivery and/or collection options.
    Make sure you have entered a region of Northland.

  5. Delivery. The options that match your address are displayed. 
    You can collect from one of our collection points or request a delivery within defined areas.

  6. Payment. You can pay manually via a bank transfer or you can pay on account i.e. we invoice you with terms of 7 days following delivery if you have an existing arrangement with us. Contact us if you shop regularly and this works for you. 
    The bank account details are on the confirmation invoice emailed to you after placing your order.

  7. Order. Review and place your order.

We do not currently accept credit card payments due to merchant fees; we are trying to keep our prices low and  local.

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