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Avocado season is nearly finished. Just a few straggglers left. The storms are playing havoc with the fruit we have left and the sun is colouring the ones when it shines. The life of an avo grower!

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We sell avocados as singles or in bulk packs of varying numbers.

Ripening takes 7-10 days depending upon time of year and how you ripen them. You can halt the ripening process by keeping avos in the fridge. So you can afford to buy in bulk and save, ripening as you need them.

We try to keep our base price low at $1 per avocado because think avocados are an essential part of a weekly shop, not a luxury item.

If you are a cafe or reseller then order multiple bulk packs and top up with singles.

And don't forgot to top up the health benefits with cold-pressed avocado oil.

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About Avocados

Oil Content

Avocados "mature" in Mangawhai in Aug/Sept. Earlier in the far north. This is when the oil content in the fruit reaches a certain level (24% average dry matter) and an avocado delivers that rich creamy taste and texture. Until then the fruit can taste a little watery.

Pollen on the fruit

As we head into spring and start flowering, the avocados may have a white residue on the base of the fruit. This is pollen! It drops from flowers and rain washes it down into the fruit. Part of nature's cycle and we don't charge extra for it.


It is a cardinal sin to squeeze an avocado. They will bruise. Some types such as Hass will darken in colour as they ripen and you eat by colour. Other types such as Reeds do not colour up and you need to touch gently to see when ripe. Put them in the fridge to halt ripening. 

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