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MGM welcomes the Peach Patch!

The Peach Patch does not need any introduction if you are a Mangawhai local. Producing delicious summer fruit for 30 years, we are delighted to have Eileen and Max join our little grower's collective.

New and interesting this week:

  • apples, 5 varieties of plums and local potatoes from the Peach Patch.

  • a special on Telegraph cucumbers from Devich Road Tomatoes.

  • chillies back in stock from Gumdiggers Point.

  • mushrooms back in stock now that Ora's Farm is back from holiday.

  • and just a few Reed avocados from CAT Orchard - for those that love them.

And - of course - all our regulars: microgreens, nuts, avocados, cold-pressed oils, veg, eggs, mushrooms, herbs, name a few.

All local produce at local prices direct from the grower.

You know the drill, shop by Wednesday 5pm for same week delivery/collection.

TIPS to find new stuff quickly:


  • Shop PRODUCTS | NEW.

Have a great week. MGM.

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