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Keep calm & drink coffee! MGM coffee.

  • MGM welcomes East Coast Road to our collective this week. Our very own local coffee roaster. Check out the coffee section. Whole beans or ground beans but always fresh.

  • New this week are lovely radishes (French Breakfast) and baby Cos lettuces. Just in case the sun ever comes out again and we can have salads.

  • Our microgreens are on holiday this week, back next week.

  • Avocado season is coming to an end. We still have one grower with avos - yay.

  • Wonderful stone fruit still available - new types of plums this week. Time to make jam and eat fresh. The stone fruit has short season so get in quick.

I saw on the news tonight that veg will be in short supply in the main centres due to the weather. Not good news so buy local as we are still here, if a bit bedraggled.

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