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7 sleeps 'til MGM goes on holiday...

Yes, that's right. We have a number of growers away in various parts of the world and this is a hard time of year (weather-wise) to be growing fresh so we have decided to take a break for a month or so. Actual dates are:

  • last orders by 5pm 6th July for delivery Friday 8th July. Yep - next week.

  • Inventory will be back online on 13th August.

  • Next orders by 5pm 17th August for delivery Friday 19th August.

So stock up for our last delivery if you need oils, honey and other non-perishables for the pantry. We will be back with the fresh - locally grown - locally priced fruit and veg in August. See you then.

A little piece of trivia. Our first order was 21 April 2021 so we have done this 61 times since we started. Thank you to the growers and to you, our customers, and to those of you who are both. MGM is not big (yet) but we are fresh and we are local. And most of all, our prices reflect the fact that we are direct and local with no middlemen. So don't go away, we will be back.

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