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Mushroom - Pink Oyster - 500g | Ora's Farm

Mushroom - Pink Oyster - 500g | Ora's Farm

SKU: ORA-PinkOyster-500g

500 grams of pink oyster mushrooms.

  • WHO AM I?

    I am a pink oyster mushroom. With my vibrant colour, and sweet and nutty flavour, I am truly special.

    Eat me fresh within 3 days as I do not last as long as the grey oysters who will last for up to 10 days.

    I am wonderful sautéed with vegetables, cooked in pasta dishes and soups. I compliment cream sauces and risottos well. My texture is meaty, so it adds another layer and flavour to a dish. 


    Ora's Farm


    I am good for you because I contain important anti-oxidants, I have anti-bacterial properties and I support a healthy immune system.

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