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Avocado Oil EV - 500ml | CAT Orchard

Avocado Oil EV - 500ml | CAT Orchard

SKU: CAT-Oil-500

Grown in Mangawhai by CAT Orchard. Pressed by Olivado in Kerikeri. This is extra virgin (EV) cold pressed oil with all the health benefits we love about avocados.

  • WHO AM I?

    I come from the avocados that don't make the grade for export. This is not because I am a lesser avocado - oh no no no - it may be because I am bit small or caught a bit of sunburn or perhaps I am an odd shape. But I make terrific oil.

    I am (unsurprisingly) greenish in colour with a slightly nutty neutral taste. 

    Avocado Oil is healthy and cold pressing makes sure nothing is lost during the extraction process. Just like my cousin, the olive oil.

    Shelf life is 5+ years but - like any pure oil - I should be used within 3 months of opening.

    I have a high smoke point which means you can use it for cooking (frying, baking etc.) rather than olive oil which breaks down when heated. Not that we don't love EV olive oil cos we do.



    CAT Orchard

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