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Avocado Hass - small - bag of 5 | CAT Orchard

Avocado Hass - small - bag of 5 | CAT Orchard

SKU: CAT-Avocados-5

Bag of 5 smallish avos. The season has not been kind to us in terms of weather and we had limited numbers of the large avocados that we all love. We still have small ones that we could leave on the tree to get bigger but we think we should eat them now! So these are smallish but think of them as a single serve and no need to find a way to store that other half.

  • WHO AM I?

    I am a Hass avocado which means I have a creamy nutty flavour. It is my oil content that delivers the creaminess. I can be used for all sorts of things; as a replacement for butter, in smoothies, smashed, chopped and even fried in an omelette.

    If you want to up the oil content even more then drizzle a little of our wonderful avocado oil over me on toast- mmmmmmm!


    Eat me by colour. Don't squeeze me! 


    CAT Orchard

  • Technical Info

    Oil content in avocados is measured by "dry matter". To export, we need to be at an average of 24% dry matter across 20 fruit. Early season fruit is sitting around an average of 21-22% which explains why the fruit is not as buttery as late season fruit. We normally reach oil maturity in September. As we move through the season, our avocados get creamier and creamier until late season fruit is almost yellow inside and that is when we press them for oil. 

  • Recipes

    1. The recipe below is unbelievably good. It is not actually a cheesecake (i.e. no cheese in it) but it looks like one in terms of a base and filling. I made a load of these for my son's wedding and they went down a treat. I have sometimes frozen the avocado and lime mix so I can make them out of season too. Avocado Lime and Coconut Cheesecake