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Something yummy to brighten your week!

The first mandarins are here. Get in quick, they won't hang around. And for those foodies out there, we have the first casimoiroas (white sapotes) coming into season. And don't forget we have all sorts of other goodies from your local growers' collective at local prices. No middlemen costs, straight from the grower to you,

Picked on a Thursday, packed on a Friday. Pick up in Tara Road on a Friday or $5 for a delivery. No minimum order size.

So get your bananas, citrus, broccolini, fruit, tomatoes, eggs, veg, salad green, nuts, cold-pressed oils, herbs, potatoes, honey, and mushrooms - to name a few - from:

Order by 5pm Wednesday for a Friday pickup/delivery.

We have a few growers away for the school holidays so you may not see your favourites this week but they will be back next week...

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